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Seungri Q&A
-Q: When did you feel like you were the sexiest?
-A: I've never felt that I am sexy.
-Q: But you were so sexy during Strong Baby~
-A: I'm kind of a bad boy. You know how bad boys are attractive. You keep thinking of them ^^ But I've never felt that I am sexy. I am a person who acts confident during broadcasts but in reality I am constantly unhappy with myself. People who only want to be sexy become sexy..
-Q: So.. you've never felt sexy but you appeal in broadcasts~~
-A: That's why I feel good when I hear that I'm sexy ^^ Like recently on Paris Hilton's blog "Big Bang's Seungri is sexy! Justin Timberlake better be nervous" When you say a woman is sexy they go Uh~ But to a man it's great. Handsome is common. Sexiness is difficult to come by in expressing Asians. For example, Brad Pitt is sexy. Ashton Kutcher is sexy. But it's difficult to express that with Asians. That's why I want to try so hard. I think I'll hit that time when I am 25 or 26. Right now people keep saying "What's that young kid doing" Wait 4 or 5 year! I will get there. I mean, right now I'm 22 so I guess people could. That's why the opinion on Seungri is divided. That's what I think. But when I'm in my mid-20s I know that that will be what attracts women. Really. That's what I believe and I'm expecting. Anyway.
-Q: Why are you so handsome? Any more and I think I'll faint
-A: I hang out with very handsome friends^^. I've recently enrolled into a university.. and all the drama majors are all handsome. I have handsome friends! Tall too! And I think being with them has made me more handsome. You know. The feeling of becoming that way!
-Q: You have time for school? So curious!
-A: We are on break right now and I'm planning to attend second semester but a student life is so different
-Q: So in other words you want to be more involved in something?
-A: I never really thought about gaining something from going to school. I mean, it is a place where I can learn acting in a more professional manner, but I already believe that I am acting on stage. I am already an actor. When I sing a sad song I must act sad, when I sing a happy song I must act happy. Honestly I don't think there's a hug difference separating actors and singers. I just entered a university because I want to learn much more than that... instead of just being stuck in the company. For example, socialization. I want to experience all the things, and the college social experience is a once in a lifetime chance that you can't buy with money. I've already let go of my high school experience. I have no memories of high school. I think that's my life's one mistake. Later when my kids ask, "Dad how was high school?" and I answer, "Dad didn't go to high school," that's not the way a parent should answer a question. It's embarrassing to the kids. That's why I decided to go to a university, and I've experienced a lot. There, there's no celebrity treatment. You need manners and there's a strict age hierarchy. Once I tried to break that,, and almost got into a lot of trouble. "21 years? We're friends!" My friends actually stopped me.
-Q: You said that when you go to a university you would go to a lot of meetings (blind date). You haven't had any yet?
-A: I've gone to one, and I've talked about it on Strong Heart. I went to class and the boy in front of me, who is one year younger and very handsome, whispered, "Meeting, 4 and 4" So I asked, "What?" He said that it was with opera major girls (Note: I think it's opera). Then I took my chair and went next to him, and asked, "Can I join?" "What? But you're Big Bang!" "Big Bang can't have meetings?" So it became 5 and 5. Well I couldn't let rumors go around so I borrowed a cafe. And I appeared all cool, but no one recognized me. I guess these girls don't watch TV too much. OK! It's fine if they don't recognize me. But then the entertainer kids start talking "We act.. you guys.." And so I began talking too. "We should have a talent show to show what we can do!" And then I imitated someone. Then the kid next to me does a back tumbling because he does dance. The kid after is in acting and so he says a line from 'This Dirty World' Now the girls start singing! In Italian! Someone else says that she will sing pop in opera, and so she starts singing 'I have a Lover' by Lee EunMi. "Please only look at me~~" A friend next to her goes "No!" And then matches the key in a C chord Ahhhh~~~ and then they start singing. I think the guy who brought me was angry. He said 'Let's meet here again next time.' So we just had the little talent show and left. And the girls were really pretty too. The truth is, when these entertainers get started it's all based on rivalries. But the two kids sitting at the end ended up getting together so now they are a very cute couple~ That was one episode. The reason why I went to a meeting was because I wanted to feel the nervousness. That heart flutter. Most celebrities don't want to do it and say "How could I," but that's stupid. You have to experience a lot of things~ later I had an acting job where I was at a meeting. If I hadn't been to one, how could I portray the anxiety and excitement?
-Q: Those kinds of experiences can help later with lyrics too~
-A: Park ShinYang is filming a drama called "Sign" and she prepared 6 months for the role by watching autopsies. I think it's the same for singing. For sad songs, those who have experienced break-ups are better at singing it. You know the feeling.
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